FRED Asset Control Token

FACT - Live stats updated every 5 minutes (Demo)

8576 Products Manufactured
8478 Products Retailed
375 Products Reused
21 Products Recycled

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Product DSA-1-PR SNPR0001 BP22PR0001

Manufactured 2020-12-08 02:43:58 UTC

Retailed (Sold) 2020-12-15 08:15:34 UTC

Returned 2024-11-14 14:21:14 UTC

Product DSA-1-PR SNPR0001 disposed 2024-11-18 13:15:20 UTC

Battery pack BP22PR0001 reused Product DS3K SN12345 2024-12-15 11:10:03 UTC

FACT is a non-tradeable token on the Stellar network. Each token distributed represents the state of a physical product manufactured and developed by FRED Energy.