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About Us

The team behind FRED Energy are professionals in various sectors of blockchain, IT consulting, graphic & web design, product development and marketing. We share a passion for disruptive technologies that could pave the way for a fairer and greener society.

Green energy, blockchain and crypto assets are evolving and becoming more mainstream with markets seeing significant growth. FRED Energy combines green energy, blockchain and crypto assets to position itself for the future.


Our Goals


  • Be recognised as a key player in green energy projects using blockchain technology and the tokenisation of assets for utility
  • Become a brand associated with green energy products that targets consumer needs
  • Aid in the acceleration of alternative energy usage and generation by consumers
  • Bring awareness to the benefits of energy efficiency
  • Be the main online marketplace for alternative energy products accepting cryptocurrency
  • Enable access to affordable energy products to the unbanked
  • Bring new energy saving and generation devices to market via innovator partnerships
  • Use blockchain to track our products lifecycle enabling reuse and reducing environmental impact


Our History

FRED Energy was launched in September 2018 as a mineable cryptocurrency on its own blockchain. The idea was to raise greater interest and awareness of green energy and help fund innovators to develop new energy saving and generation devices.

Our goals changed slightly and to better align with our ethos, the project stopped mining in the summer of 2019 and switched to the ECO friendly Stellar blockchain which does not use the energy intensive POW consensus system.

In January 2021, we launched FREDx a token on the Ethereum blockchain and bFREDx on the Binance Smart Chain making our project a Tri-blockchain and token project.

Our project now consists of several green energy related projects;


Our Marketplace

The marketplace features green energy related products such as home EV chargers, electric scooters, bikes, mopeds, solar and wind energy generation systems, battery storage systems, alternative electric vehicles, LED bulbs and other related gadgets. Our marketplace is unique in the fact we offer payment of products via cryptocurrency including traditional payment methods, enabling the unbanked to purchase life changing products.


FRED Energy Marketplace 


Energy Device Development (Funding Research into Energy Devices (FRED)

As the acronym suggests, a fundamental reason for our project is to enable development of future energy generation and storage devices. This will be achieved through our innovator platform where viable methods and products are funded by the FRED treasury.

We are currently working with a green energy innovator to bring a solar powered energy generator to market. Two versions have been prototyped, a 20-22 Ah power bank model and a larger 220Ah version. The devices are aimed towards the off-grid, camping/outdoor markets and will use emerging battery technology that is safer, quicker to charge and has a battery lifecycle of 5-15 years.

We will use blockchain technology to track our products lifecycle, enabling reuse and recycling which will reduce the environmental impacts of our products. It is estimated that just 5% of Lithium-ion batteries are recycled, the rest go to landfill.

FRED Energy is looking to disrupt the power bank market with its DSA-1 power bank and influence the market leaders towards change.



 DSA-1 Design

FRED Energy DSA-1


Sol-Bank Africa Project



The main goals of the Sol-bank project are to bring affordable energy to all and to help bank the unbanked via the Stellar network.

Sol-bank users receive a daily reward of SOLS for generating energy. The rewards help towards the total cost of ownwership and there are various opportunities to further boost income, such as the entry of artwork (personal or family) into NFT marketplaces.


Project Accelerate

Our aim is to promote a solar electric version of a novel EV by purchasing several vehicles and locating them across Asia and the EU. We have chosen six initial cities for this project targeting taxi drivers located in city and tourist areas. This will set the stage for a possible future project of ours, Project Energise.



Project Energise

Project Energise will focus on Electric Vehicles (EV's) 




There exists a need for smaller independents to enter the EV charging market to provide competition and to seek innovative business models to meet the evolving needs of consumers, this is where we aim to enter the EV charge station market.

If you like what we are about, you can support us through our various media channels or even become an investor of a forward thinking company.



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