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In Q4 2021 the company plans to begin selling its own developed products.

The first product is an innovative powerbank aimed at the camping/off-grid markets that uses emerging battery technology enabling reuse and recycling of the battery pack.

The project will track its battery packs by writing the state of the product to the blockchain (manufactured, retailed, returned, reused, recycled). It is estimated that just 5% of Lithium-ion batteries are recycled, the rest go to landfill, FRED Energy is looking to disrupt the powerbank market and influence the market leaders towards change.

Most powerbanks have a lifecycle of approximately 2 years, cheaper products just 1 year, the DSA-1 by FRED Energy is forecast to have a battery lifecycle of between 7 and 20 years depending on usage.

The trend towards electrification and the storage of energy will have wider economic repercussions with regards to a greater usage of low cost, low-cycle and poor efficiency Lithium-ion battery cells, leading to further environmental and economic issues.

FRED Energy wrote its prototype DSA-1 to the blockchain in December 2020, possibly a world first in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

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