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Get FRED loyalty rewards and tokens

Get FRED loyalty rewards and tokens

Get ready to earn when you shop with us

We now have a new rewards plan, earn when you sign-up, purchase products, tweet, share and even on referrals (click the "Rewards" banner to find out more).

Points can be redeemed against money off vouchers, or swapped for FRED utility tokens (swapping currently requires an email request).

You can redeem your vouchers for money off products quickly and easily at checkout.

Action  Points
Place an order

1 Point for every £1 spent

Sign up

15 Points

Celebrate a birthday

50 Points

Share link on Facebook

15 Points

Follow on Twitter

20 Points

Share link on Twitter

15 Points


Refer a freind who makes a purchase and you get a £5 voucher and they will also get a £5 voucher


What are FRED Tokens?

FRED tokens are a custom asset on the Stellar blockchain and are a utilility token for use on our current and future platforms. Utility tokens can be swapped on secondary markets outside of the FRED Energy ecosystem.

FRED Energy utilises tokens for several reasons;

  • There are currently 2 Billion people without access to financial services (banking)
  • Our project is all inclusive, we service those without bank accounts, credit cards etc via the ability to use cryptocurrency payments
  • Using cryptocurrency for payments actually reduces fraud
  • We utilise tokens to fund and enable growth of our projects
  • Our project combines disruptive technologies to become a player in the new blockchain enabled green economy

We are entering a new era of technological innovation within blockchain, cryptocurrencies and green energy

To find out more, visit our website, we are a whole lot more than a cool marketplace of innovative products


Note on swapping points, coupons for tokens:

When swapping points for FRED tokens (Stellar), points are divided by a factor of 10 to give an exchange value.

When swapping vouchers for FRED tokens (Stellar), vouchers will be swapped at their numeric value i.e. £5 voucher is equal to £5 in value of FRED tokens.


25 points divided by 10 would equate to £2.50 value of FRED tokens.

200 points divided by 10 would equate to £20 value of FRED tokens.

Points for purchases will be added to your account after the product order has been fulfilled.

Payments for FRED tokens will be made bi-monthly to the wallet address attached to your account (you will need to add the wallet address yourself).


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